Corporate Services

We’d love to be a part of your work life!

Do you and your colleagues like our cafes and our products? We have plans for you!


• Our café can be at your building lobby or canteen, serving your favourite tea!

• We can customize our breakfast & lunch menu especially for you and your colleagues so you don’t have to depend on the tiffin or canteen.

• Come down to our café for your meetings if you’re tired of the same conference rooms in office. The Food & beverages in our ‘meeting room menu’ will add fuel to your discussions.

• Birthdays, promotions, treats, anniversaries…Our Café can be THE place for parties and get-togethers.

• How about a change of pace? We can put up a Pop-up cafe at your canteen during lunch & tea time to overcome the monotony of canteen food!

• Truly love tea and want to know more?

   Call us for an hour long workshop or write to us at